Manuel Pereira
The hacker known as 4chan

About Me

I work professionally as a webdev and I am really good at it, in fact I am pretty sure I am the best at it. I could probably be the very best at something else, but right now webdev seems really interesting, so I don't know when I'll drop it. It's also not the only thing I do with my free time, so I'm ok with it at the moment. I am not a designer though, so be sure to send all your design related criticism to the following email address:

The reason why I made this website is because I came across a similar website and it just made me want to start creating things and be more active, so I hope mine also inspires other people.

Free Time

Play games, learn new recipes, play music and cycle
Mess with personal server and programming languages
Browse the "High Gothic Sandal Shop Messageboard" /a/ /g/ /ck/
Watch seasonal anime

Stuff I made

Serious Websites
Cool Websites
Cool html design without js no-js.php
Projects on git Github