Manuel Pereira
The hacker known as 4chan

About Me

I work professionally as a webdev and I am really good at it, in fact I am pretty sure I am the best at it. I could probably be the very best at something else, but right now webdev seems really interesting, so I don't know when I'll drop it. It's also not the only thing I do with my free time, so I'm ok with it at the moment. I am not a designer though, so be sure to send all your design related criticism to the following email address:

The reason why I made this website is because I came across a similar website and it just made me want to start creating things and be more active, so I hope mine also inspires other people.

Free Time

Play games, learn new recipes, play music and cycle
Mess with personal server and programming languages
Browse the "Yugoslavian Role Playing Imageboard" /a/ /g/ /ck/
Watch seasonal anime

Stuff I made

Serious Websites
Cool Websites
Cool html design without js no-js.php
Projects on github Masterzagh